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The solutions you trust. The services you depend on. And now so much more.

Brillion is your new utility customer engagement partner.

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Why did we join forces?

Now You Can Keep Everyone in the Loop…And Get Them To Take Action

The four best-in-class companies that make up Brillion helped you attract, engage, educate, and enroll your customers. Now, you’ll be able to do all of this—with just one encompassing partner.

  • Keep up with changing electric, water, and gas regulations.
  • Prepare you and your customers for a sustainable future.
  • Forge genuine connections, build trust, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Be more reliable to the people and businesses who depend on you.
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Brillion is how utilities can finally turn every customer relationship into a true partnership.

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You might know part of the process. Now you can see how it works when we put it all together.

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Check out our Introduction to Brillion webinar recording. You’ll uncover ways your electric, gas, and water utility peers are turning their customer relationships into true partnerships.

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The names you trust. The people you know. The processes you feel comfortable with.

Brillion is how utilities can finally turn every customer relationship into a true partnership. From better bill explanations to smarter program workflows, we make it easier to get everyone working together to meet your goals.

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What’s changing?

Only how much you can offer your team and your customers.

New Application Suite for IOUs, Co-Ops, CCAs, Municipalities, POUs, and Implementors

Engage, Educate & Enroll, Fulfill. Brillion Data Platform, Intelligence Layer, OneView Data Layer, Integration Layer
  1. Engage

    Grab your customers’ attention with engaging videos instead of walls of text. AI and behavioral science help send the perfect message to each customer exactly when they need it.

    Xcel Energy wanted to understand how Brillion’s personalized video messaging could affect customer perception and engagement, impact the call center, and drive program participation.

    Result: 25% increase in Net Promoter Score
  2. Educate

    Guide your customers toward energy savings. Show them the benefits through self-serve tutorials, personalized calculators, virtual audits, educational content, and more.

    Wisconsin’s Energy Efficiency Program, Focus on Energy, implemented the next phase of its Online Home Energy Assessment campaign by integrating Brillion’s AI-powered solutions.

    Savings: $125 million
  3. Fulfill

    Streamline your program delivery and rebate reimbursements with automated workflows. Track program participation and energy savings for regulatory reporting, and give customers the real-time updates they’re asking for.

    EfficiencyOne partnered with Brillion to devise and implement its Customer Information System for program administration. All programs and customer interactions are housed within one solution to minimize manual efforts while integrating programs from rebate application submissions and fulfillment to tracking progress.

    Results: 51,900 rebates processed, $54 million in customer incentives paid.

66 Years of Experience in Meeting the Energy Challenges of Tomorrow

A changing climate and evolving grid demand utilities can actually engage their users. Our team has the experience and the passion to lead the way.

Brillion Leadership posing for a group photo.
Brillion Leadership Team pictured left to right; back row: Jim Albert (VP of Engineering), Jim Malcom (CFO), Bill Phelan (CPO), Lamar Torrence (VP of People), Jon Ezrine (CEO), Mitch Bradley (CRO); front row: Joe Hsu (VP of Customer), Nishaant Sangaavi (VP of Strategic Accounts & Partnerships), Alex Zeltser (VP of Engineering), Jonathan Kleinman (VP of Utility Innovation & Policy)